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we'll see you tomorrow. from new york, good night, from new york, good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc welcome to "red eye." it is like dial m for murder, if by murder you mean moj ti os. let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. >> coming up on the big show, francis first lady is a whore who deserves to die. and do single ladies in their 20s earn more than their male counterparts? some say yes, and others say, that can't be right. and what was demi moore doing on stage at a snoop concert? what will make you throw up in your mouth. >> thank you, andy. >> everyone can master a grief, but he that has it. >> i put up ground up glass in your pan i can kas this morning. >> it gave it a crunchy goodness. >> go away you sad, strange, individual.
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there she is, brooke goldstein. she is the founder of the rice institute, whatever that is. and the director of the law fair project. sounds like an amusement park. she is so hot smoke signals are now scald -- now scawld -- called brooke signals. and he knows wisecracks like i know hot wabz. i drip it on my chest to feel something. it is my repulsive sidekick, bill shultz. and you know him and love him, mike baker. if rugged good looks were symbol he's would get banged a lot by marching bands. and he never get the dish, and he is used to wrap fish. it is our new york times correspondent. good to see you, pinch. >> be sure to check out times columnist gail collins' delightful column on embarassing politician tweets or is it tweaks? either way i am on cocaine
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right now. >> i bet you are. >> back in my day we called it jazz salt. >> interesting. >> grinding away now, greg. >> fantastic. that's why you are losing weight. and now to the greg-alogue. it is a chillopa of charm in a taco bell of terror. jazz salt. >> jazz salt. >> speaking of, here are some poll numbers that should scare the low wasted chaps off democrats. by a 52 to 42-point margin voter s who rather have george w. bush as president than barack obama. and the tracking of 2010 congressional preferences, republicans lead by 51% to 41%. that lead is the largest since they started tracking this stuff in the early 1500's. and voter biz a margin of -- voters by a margin of 3-1 think i am gorgeous. thank you, voters. there is reason bush looks
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good, but it has less to do with the man than the media. you didn't have reporters calling you a dumb racist when you raged on the president. what makes owe bo mu unpopular? you can't disagree with him without calling him a biggot. check out chris matthewss who can't fathom why no one is happy with mr. wonderful. >> the wonderful thing is you can grow up to be basically -- you can actually create your own identity and become a person. this guy, barack obama, not to get too basic about it, did everything right. he studied in school. he obeyed the law. he raised a family. he took care of his family. he was an excellent student. he was on the harvard laurie view. he didn't make a lot money on wall street. he gave himself to his community. he is almost just perfect and they don't like him. >> people can admire obama and still disagree with his policies. i think he is a decent guy, but he is way too liberal for me.
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matthews can't see it is about ideology and not race. maybe he is the bigot. as for his popularity, obama couldn't careless. he planned to lose friends from the start. that makes him way smarter that matthews. he knew america would hate his agenda. the biggest lie matthews wines is it is worse to make money than to community organize. the fact is financial motives help way more people than community work which is political resume building anyway. bill gates has done way more for the poor than obama will ever do, and he did it by pursuing his interest and not theirs. how fun is it that while matthews den gnaw grates -- den gnaw grates capitalists he makeses wads of cash den gnaw grating capitalists. if you disagree you are a racist homo fob who should give me a back rub, but won't. >> mr. baker, always a pleasure. >>hank you. >> like the jacket. you have so many patterns going on. i think my eyeballs will explode. >> do you agree obama is plew
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perfect? >> good god. i don't know what plew perfect means. i am at a loss for your question. but the part about this that amazes me and amuses me more than anything else, all of the voters that voted for the pattern that he was something out of the ordinary, that he was a new kind of leaderses are now bitching and mowning and wining because there are no fireworks coming out of our ass and the economy is not -- >> well, bill has fireworks coming out of his ass. >> that is the fourth time you referenced that. >> it is not the forel anymore, you -- it is not the 4th of july anymore you sicko. >> he had sparklers in his ass at the administration. anyway, did i answer your question? >> i don't know. were you concluding with anything? >> no. >> okay that's it. brooke, what do you make of this? is it fair? the numbers are dropping.
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is it all obama's fault? >> absolutely. that's the thing about campaign promises. the more people believe you, the angrier they will be when you don't fulfill them. and the ironic thing here is that obama is asking from us exactly what he didn't give the bush administration which is time. he didn't give the iraq surge time, for example, to succeed, so why should we give him time for him to fulfill his promises? >> jesse, what do you think of the poll saying you would rather have george w. bush than obama? >> i didn't know we could do that, come up with a baseball league for politics. we are going to do that poll and i would rather have lincoln be president, what do you say, everybody? >> i want -- >> well, why limit it to politicians? >> let's vote and see if you would rather have obama or spider-man as president, what do you think? >> is it spider-man or
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spider-man? >> spider-man is a lawyer of mine. >> spider-man would be a great president. there is no question. bill, according to the latest poll 83 percent of respawn dents think you are a lizard-shark high -- hybrid. >> that's kind of awesome. thank you, america. i will try to attain that goal for whatever time i have left on this soil. here is why i don't think obama's detractorses are racist. -- >> getting back to the liz lizard -- lizard-shark hybrid -- >> i would hope i have the dorsal fin of the shark if i had to choose. getting back to the matter at hand, baker, here is why i don't think obama's detractors are racist. you have to be color-blind to compare obama to hitler. hitler was not a fan of the african-american. indeed there is a famous speech where he says, my people of germany.
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i am not a fan of the african-americans. >> you act like it was the right that invented calling politicians hitler. i believe it happened during bush. >> i love -- i love that old kinart. >> it is a fact. >> look up that word. >> it is a kinard. i will tell you why. it is as tiring as saying, well, i wonder what if bush said that. >> let me finish. >> i am not finished. >> you can't say to democrats, stop blaming the recession on bush, but then right go back around and say, oh well, they did this to bush. you can't have it both ways. >> i can have it both ways. i have observed it -- >> i know your love life. >> but i have observed it in both sides of politics. i wrote about it when it happened to bush and obama. >> speaking of resumes. >> but you haven't. >> no, i am talking about both sides. >> you have been the objective outside observer.
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>> you can bring bush to hitler, but with obama there is a difference. they are color color-blind. >> i don't think anybody started by bringing out hitler. >> bill, bill, bill. >> i want to move on because bill is getting object obnoxious. from obama to high drama. yes, your wife is a prostitute who should die. that's all. no, actually that's what iran is saying about a certain president's wife. yes, this week a paper in iran -- they do have them. it says france's first lady deserved to die because she expressed solidarity with a woman sentenced to be stoned to death for adultery. they already called the former model a prostitute and wrote her lifestyle mentioned a similar fate to the iranian woman whose life came to a brew -- brutal end. she is so gorgeous.
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they responded by saying something in french and i believe the comments were unacceptable. thankfully iran's kidnapping attempt failed. do we have tape? >> that's exactly how it happened. >> the sequel was so much better. >> brooke, if you are carla, what do you expect your husband to do? like if a country says that they want you dead, hospital your husband bomb that country? >> 100%, absolutely. talk about being an overprotective had you, right? i -- husband, right?
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i i want to give props to carla because she did a wonderful thing calling attention to the plight of the iranian women. number two, this is a perfect example of what iran specializes in which is detracting. that -- the fact that it is the number one state sponsors of terror. so it may work for a day or two, but that's not the real issue. >> you are about to be married and congratulations on that. how would you respond if a country said they wanted your wife dead? >> i don't know. >> if she is watching she will be really disappointed. >> no, no good! yeah, no, i don't know what i would do. i don't see how that would come up. i would be infuriated. >> there you go. >> this is getting blown out of proportion because i am a subscriber to the daily kahan and they use rhetoric like this all the time.
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even in the funny papers like they actually pulled kathy the cartoon because, quote, she's a glut nuss [belief] and needs to be punished for all the chocolate she puts in her belly. and they let loose on garfield saying a cat who walks upright must surely be a devil who dies by the sword. >> but you have to agree with that about garfield. >> big fans of family circus. >> even with all the subtext? >> they make the family perform in the circus, and it is horrible the things they do. baker, how should -- what is wrong with you? how should sarkozy respond? is there a protocol when a country goes after a leader's wife? imagine it was the united states and they were talking michelle obama. we would be dropping bombs, wouldn't we? >> no, not in the current administration. >> what protocol? >> well, what he should do is what he has done which is said
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it is unacceptable. there is nothing you can do. an iranian official saying something bizarre and extreme and shocking and good god, really? where is the surprise in that? these are people who basically buy their statements on, what is her name, sarkozy? they are basically implying that somehow prostitution is worse than stoning. and how many of us engaged in prostitution here? >> i have to say most prostitutes are stoned. >> and none of us have been stoned -- well, i don't know where i am going with this. >> i am talking about it from like, you know, this is one of the few political things that actually has like a human thing. like what would you do? as a guy, bill -- >> well, thank you. you can't take it back. >> no, i can't take it bill. if we wanted you dead, we would salute them. >> i condemn that, by the way. >> i think the real loser here
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is the adultrous woman who may or may not be stoned. somehow this poor woman has waited in jail to learn her fate. it has gone from her to whether or not sarkozy's wife is a whore. >> that's what they said, she did it on purpose. >> there is a great irony and that is iran is spearheading the campaign at the united nations to ban the defamation of religion. in particular, islam. they are okay slandering people, slandering the presidents. >> that's a good point. >> it is amazing that we are seemingly shocked or amazed at anything the iranian authorities would say now a days. we know -- i don't want to go out on a limb and say some are psychotic and dilutional, but there is a good chance that might be the case. >> and how dare they say that? yes she has dated a lot of unattractive rich men, and yes she posed nude more times than with clothing. >> we have to move on.
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last year we told you about a japanese man marrying a virtual character. he earned points by being a good boyfriend to your virtual teenage love. yes, yeah it is creepy. it is called love plus, plus. great title. as part of a weird promotion, thousands of players are heading to a real resort where they and their virtual gallons can stay -- gals can stay at a real hotel. i repeat. single men are taking their virtual girlfriends on a real life vacation. and the hotel staff are checking the man and his fictitious flame as couples. and of course there is an iphone that allows players to take photos of themselves on their vacation and superimpose their girlfriends into the picture. suddenly bill shultz doesn't look so pathetic. the real winners here are the baby otters.
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what are they trying to see? it can't be anything that great going on that you have to hop up and see it. otters, you are otters. it is not like stix was playing. these guys are going on vacations with imaginary girlfriends. this has to piss off real girlfriends whose guys don't take them anywhere. >> i think this story lends itself to the best t-shirt slogan ever, my girlfriend sits on my hard drive. seriously, if you could measure your soulmate in megabytes, what does it say about your soul? >> that should be on a coffee mug, i imagine. somebody has a future at cafe press. >> jesse, is this a bad idea? you get the companionship without the nagging? >> i didn't think about that.
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>> and you are getting married in a couple months. >> so everybody is reminding me. no, it is going to be good times. this furthers the fact that i don't understand japanese at all. their culture is shame and honor based. what will happen -- i don't under the lines they draw. a businessman will kill himself if the office chair he got his boss didn't arrive on the day he was supposed to because he dishonored his family. but then the same guy will go, what? what is the big deal? i am going on vacation with my teenage girl girlfriend. what is the shame in that? i don't understand. >> great idea using two toothbrushes to let people -- >> that's what they said. they said they are setting the rooms as though there were two people in them. the hotel is playing along and setting out two bars of soap. >> so you have a ton of guys on a romantic get away with double rooms, and that's about it. >> it is called fire island.
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>> mike, what do you make of this? do you think this is a healthy illusion? >> i don't know [bleep] about a lonely japanese man. but i have a story to tell you. i took my boy to the washington zoo one day. we went over to the otter enclosure and we have this pond and there was only one otter visible. and the entire time i was thinking, there is something going on here. as my boy is watching he says, what is he doing? the otter was floating on his back and was problem -- and was [bleep]. and then i had to explain it to my son. >> an interesting way this story turned. >> oddly enough, it didn't turn. it is creepy and sexually -- >> that guy needs a virtual otter is what he needs. >> we can talk about whether or not this is the future of technology, but we will just talk about masterbating.
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what is the best way to weigh down a body before you throw it in a river? brooke goldstein explains next. plus, which celeb is this dancing on stage? here is a hint. i would like to see more of it, get it, more? yeah, it is roger more.
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it is the statistic you thought you would never see. my by accepts dropping to -- biceps dropping to less than 24 inches. sorry, i skipped the gym last week. and single, child less women earning more than their male counterparts. yes, young, single nonmoms make 8 percent more per year. how has this group of ladies made such a huge leap?
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well according to further census data, men were hit with heavier job losses, especially blue collar industries. women are more likely to attend college raising their earning potential. but also, because many men in the country are now doing this. >> itule makes sense now. those were the good old days. >> i had 6 percent body fat back then. what does it say about the whole thing on genders and employment and the whole sexism thing is a myth? >> all i can say is the states are true. i am a perfect example. i am young, a woman, i have no children, i make a lot more money than my slacker guy friends and dillon i am talking about you. >> poor dillon. way to slam him. he has done nothing to you. >> you never met him.
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>> that's true. >> no, dillon is a great guy. >> nobody at home cares about dillon. >> welcome back to the dillon show. >> the areas of work women are choosing are more difficult, how they are being valued and the demands of the work which means they don't have time probably to have children. that's how i read it. >> why should women be mad about the money they are making? shouldn't they be mad at the babies? it is the babies. >> i am sick of babies. >> somebody has to stand up. >> you are totally ruining the world these babies. >> everybody gives credit to babies, but f babies. i was in canada and they have the scary packs of cigarettes. it is a guy with no teeth. and you think, what could have done that to his face? was he smoking a hand grenade? >> he is dead, by the way. >> they had a picture of a dead baby and under it said
3:25 am
"cigarettes kill babies." >> what a way to bring the showdown. >> it is like, fine, if you will play that ready ka, let's be fair. >> mike baker. shouldn't the government step in and stop this? >> this show? yes. >> try to stick to the topic, people. >> as my friend dillon would say, it is unfair that women are now making more money than men. but i think they buried the lead in the story. i disagree with what brooke was saying earlier. i think one of the reasons the numbers are out of whack, meaning girls are making more than the guys is because we are losing so many jobs in manufacturing industry. they are blue collar jobs. they were very high paying jobs. how serious do i sound right now? >> for a minute you salvaged your entire appearance. >> but then you let it fade
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away. >> should i tell you my otter story? >> no more otter stories. >> what was he doing again? do you have -- i am talking to the imaginary voice in my head. do you have a comment on this show? e-mail us at fox news .com. or call 212-462-505 are have. still to come, the half time report from tv's andy levy.
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welcome back. let's find fought if we have gten anything wrong so far. let's go to andy levy. what do you have besides the geese locked in your trunk? >> i don't know, let me take a began der, greg. i -- a gander, greg. i apologize for nothing. >> you shouldn't. >> you noted in the latest weekly generic gal lop poll it was 51 to 41 percent which is true. but that lead is the largest since gal lop started tracking this stuff in the early 1500's. i think 1950. >> i was off. >> it has a five in there though. >> wow.
3:31 am
that's bad. >> no, i meant it. >> i tried to help. >> well done on that one. >> i hate to keep going, but by a 3 to 1 margin i i can only conclude you dreamed that. >> when you put it in those terms, i did dream it. >> i am glad i put it in those terms. >> i have a knack for putting things in the right terms. >> i am coming down now. i'm with you, jesse. i don't see the point of putting bush against obama. bush is not running for anything last time i checked. >> are we coming up with our dream team of cabinet members? >> no. but on the other hand obama out polled spider-man 58 to 42%. i blame joe jamison. >> he does control the media. >> brooke, you talked about obama promising too many
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things. but don't you get elected by promising everything to everyone? >> but he doesn't know about the old adage promise, let's deliver more. >> then you don't get elected. >> says who? >> you have to promise everything to everyone and people won't vote for you. >> i don't think that will happen again. >> i think it happens the next time there is an election. >> how much? >> a tie. >> you guys should have bet a dinner. >> a dinner plus tip. >> kisses before and after the desert. >> with a side order of smooching. we got alt smirk out of them. >> are we done? >> brooke, brooke, i will apologize for them over dinner. >> and kisses. >> are you talking about what plew perfect means. it talks about an event
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completed before another past action. it can also mean utterly perfect and complete. >> i did look it up. there were two meanings which confused me. >> it is really weird when does that happen? >> bill, were you trying to claim the element to the left didn't make ut a little bit of my favorite marinade... what i love ab >> iranian newspaper calls her a whore. greg you said you have the iranian newspaper sports section. unless my mar -- farcy is bad,
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i dant read it. >> i checked with my buddy rust tee farcy -- >> and you claimed the newspaper said she deserved a similar fate to the iranian woman came to an end. >> who wrote that? >> not me. >> somebody wrote she has been killed. >> really? >> you said the implication of the newspaper calling her a prostitution somehow worse than stoning? considering that in iran the penalty for prostitution is stoning. it is more than an implication. >> i apologize for stepping all over your joke. >> ife viewers were sorry about that. as far as your questioning goes, i wasn't paying attention. >> i will just move on. >> i love the baker side angle. that is very jaunting. tell us about the new cologne you bought.
3:35 am
>> greg, the otter video, stix one is playing. >> that's the only reason i thought about the otters being so excited. >> gis see, is it true you -- jesse, is it true you are getting married in a few months? >> yeah. come on over. >> are you shaving that beard off? >> yeah, it is a rally beard. >> bill, there is nothing virtual about fire island. it is real and spectacular. >> maybe you will join me. >> the best part of the story is these vacations the guys are taking have to be over shoon because the virtual girls have ton -- have to be back. it is played in realtime as opposed to fake time. >> it is nothing like that. >> i am not so sure. >> single women in their 20s with no kids earn more than
3:36 am
their male counterpart. all the more reason to date in the 20s. >> all right. brooke, your slacker friend dillon called and he told to you [bleep] yourself. >> i'm i brought it up. i really am. >> you should be sorry. dillon is not happy. >> the rest of his friends on "90210 are not happy either. i'm pretty much done. >> thank god for that. is nair really as effective as shaving your legs? a stubble free mike baker looks at both opings. and what kind of questions will i ask my faker? this is a terrible tease.
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how much can i leg press? what do i look like with my shirt on? is it hard being this hot? these are questions only a final -- quiet weekend with me. we ask mike baker about cool secret agent stuff and foreign policy crud. let's get started. something that confuses me about the two guys the other day whether or not they were on a terrorist dry run. who decides at the last minute to go to amsterdam instead of yemen? who takes cell phones and watches to things -- with things in their luggage. they were just released and we are told there is no evidence at all these guys were up to no good. what are your thoughts on this? >> this will confuse a lot of people. what we have is two yemenis going from chicago to
3:41 am
washington and then to amsterdam. their travel plans somehow god screwed up. well, they were screwed up because someone carrying a checked baggage had a knife, box cuters and a cell phone. he had watches and cell phones taped together and $7,000 in cash. and so that rightly raises suspicions of the tsa. that's unusual in most people's book. >> you know why the pepto-bismol was there? >> it was a dry run. >> they get uh hold of them and they say pick the people up. they ask them a couple questions saying you are now yemenis and you showed up. there was an apparent trace elements of explosives on one of the pieces of baggage. is it and so the dutch authorities make the conclusion that they should
3:42 am
let them go. >> has there been follow-ups on whether they had weapons. that is crazy. they said they had traces of explosives. i don't understand how these guys will -- unless they are letting them -- letting them go just so see where they go. >> you would like to think everything works like it does on qs 2 4. some let them go because the system is screwed up. they are on the side of political correctness. nobody wants to be detaining these guys. you throw this stuff in your checked baggage, as crazy as it sounds, it is not breaking any laws. so they weren't able to hold these people according to the current regulations. nobody wants to take the heat for saying they are over stepping. even though all common sense shows we should have held on to them and questioned them
3:43 am
thoroughly. >> this guy richard angle, a correspondent for tv, he said the iraq war was wrong, but one of the main reasons, saddam hussein was getting more moderate. is that true? >> no, of course not. the guy is crazy. kudos to you for having them here. most people won't do it. it speaks well of you. it is unsign -- insane to think that. would you say the effort in iraq was not necessarily worth at the end of the day? well, everybody can play arm chair quarterback. now what we should do is get out of afghanistan. if we go in we kill who we need to kill that's the end of my statement. >> this one -- and this is a
3:44 am
good question. "when you are in the cia, do agents lead double live like in the movie" true lies" where even their wife and kid think they go to a spy. when you are a spy, does your family know, kids know? >> usually the wife or the spouse knows. the kids depends on the age. my kid wouldn't know until they got to an age they were responsible enough to handle the situation. >> about three. >> well, about 29. >> maybe it is a double, triple secret thing. >> usually it is a benefit to have your spouse involved. particularly when you are working overseas you have another set of eyes and ears. have you someone that can back up your story. it is very helpful.
3:45 am
we seem to have knowledge of that. there are people who are unable to keep their yap shut when they are in the job. so you see these leaks in the new york styles. for the most part, i have one more question. what was the most clever dead drop place you heard of. a dead drop place is somewhere you would leave a package. >> dead drop is what you leave in place you have microfilm -- well, i am dating myself. basically it is what you leave down. it could be money or whatever it is. you are putting it someplace you hope it is not getting picked up. i am not'ing your question and there have been fascinating drops to be used. think about what you have to worry about in a fourth and fifth year environment. everything is a value.
3:46 am
>> what's the point of saying it again if we have already said it? >> i know. an old empty plastic bottle, everything is a value in these places. there is a lot of work that goes into this covert communications. >> a crushed can of tab could be the thing that you are looking for? >> thank you leave a crush can of tab or dr. pepper in the fifth world they will look suspicious. >> i collect canses and i am done. >> a lot of people don't use crushed cans for tab because of the value of it. >> that was informative. got a question for mike? e-mail us. >> ask him how he gets his hair to do the weird flipy thing. and don't forget to write meet the baker on your paper.
3:47 am
sound like an important story.ti bye.
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can demi moore make you throw up on the floor? after viewing this video you will say for sure. the menopausal monster along
3:51 am
with ashton kutcher crashed snoop dogg's stage this weekend and the results could not have been whiter. take a look. >> after grining stupidly, kutcher post they had tweet, i think i injured my brain last night and i can't seem to find my voice. here is this twit pick of the disgusting duo at the fantasy football draft concert. which answers the question if people in glasses should die.
3:52 am
meanwhile, does paw-paw make meow-meow enjoy vacuuming? >> don't forget his tail. >> it appears paw-paw mcmoew-moeow enjoys it. brooke, when you are in your 60s like demi, do you hope to look like that? she does look awesome. >> for sure. come on, this story rarely is it we get to comment on a story as intriguing as this one. demi and ashton, genius actors, a snoop dogg song that is six years old, relevant, timely, come on. >> how dare you mock the format of his show, madam? >> i did pick up on that, yes. >> what happened, snoop?
3:53 am
he used to be a legitimate gangster. you were a murderer. now you are having mr. and mrs. kutcher on stage? you were a murderer? now you are in "dude where is my car" and now he will perform on regis and kelly. >> are you right. and jimmy fallon is a perfect choice. >> word choice is better for me. >> who is the real loser? >> okay, me. >> i would like to readdress his complaint. he lost street credit. it was not when he was playing slim-diddy. it was not when he went on twitter and admitted he was a justin bieber fan. it was right here --
3:54 am
>> now, have i to ask you, is a quarter bag of chronic gotten that expensive that he has to go to the middle east and do that to himself? and i will say it, his family. look at that. >> i have to say, she is in great shape. demi moore is in great shape. really, honestly, first of all, there -- >> they are a fun couple and i disagree. about snoop i have always enjoyed the snoop and i have some of the snoop on my imac that i listen to with my iphones. >> you put it on the you tunes, right? >> i bought it on my tunes. but i think he may be on the cutting edge of the hip hop
3:55 am
revolution which is making fun of white people. >> interesting point. we will close things out with a post game wrap up from andy levy. and to see recent shows go to fox news .com.
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you can watch me on "the o'reilly factor" and bill will be on" america's nightly scoreboard "on fox business network. a brand-new "red eye" returns tomorrow. time to go back to andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks, greg. are you going to be at syracuse anytime soon? >> what a fantastic coincidence, yes, i am, andy. i will be in syracuse this friday and saturday night at wise guys comedy club. >> that's a great name for a comedy club. >> it is one of the least offensive. >> brooke, i hear you just got back from vacation. >> i did.
3:59 am
i just got back from apsen, and i want to thank russell from the front drive of the st. regis hotel for his hospitality. >> what is with these guys? >> it is like she is writing in a high school yearbook. >> yeah, first she is pissed off at dillon and now she is thanking rustle who got her 30% off a massage. >> we will always be friends. >> brooke, you know this is a tv show, right? >> andy, to be fair, tonight, not so much. >> that's a good point. >> mike, anything you want to plug? >> now? >> yeah. if you ever are in idaho, you get yourself a prime rib or rainbow trout at the pioneer salon. it is the best chow. >> you think i won't? >> you just got a free steak. >> thank you, andy. brooke goldstein, a pleasure.

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Brooke 9, Andy Levy 5, Mike Baker 4, New York 4, Matthews 4, Baker 4, Greg 4, Andy 4, Demi Moore 3, Sarkozy 3, Washington 2, Amsterdam 2, Brooke Goldstein 2, Obama 2, Syracuse 2, Dillon 2, Iran 2, Bill Shultz 2, Barack Obama 2, Mike 1
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